Seam Awards


1997 Hans Kuhn

1998 Bernhard Wessling

1999 Anthony Guiseppi-Elie

2000 Frank E Karazs

2000 Millenium award Kalle Levon

2001 Richard Gregory

2002 Matt Aldissi

2003 Jiri Janata

2004 Yen Wei

2005 Frank Ko

2005 Life time award Yoshi Okamoto

2008 Patrick Kinlen


Herman F. Mark Technology Medal

Polymer science and engineering has always been one of the most successful programs at Polytechnic University. This fame is based on the pioneering work of the late Professor Herman F. Mark, whose contribution to science and education has had global and continuing consequences. The heritage of Professor Mark's work is now being recognized by the Polymer Research Institute, which he originally funded, with the establishment of the Herman F. Mark Technology Medal to be given annually to scholars who have strengthened the collaboration between industry and academia in the field of polymer science and engineering. The medal is to show gratitude and recognition for the life-long collaboration with the Polymer Research Institute and industry. This is in the unique tradition of Herman Mark. Many of his contributions were made in industry and technology early in his career and at the Polymer Research Institute he was a very important consultant to industries throughout the world. A formed committee of recognized people in the field meets annually to select the person and the medal will always be granted at the Polytechnic University.

Herman F. Mark Technology Award 2000 was presented to Dr. Donald Alstadt

Herman F. Mark Technology Award 2001 was presented to Dr. Harry Wechsler

Herman F. Mark Technology Award 2003 was presented to Dr. Endre A. Balazs

Herman F. Mark Technology Award 2005 was presented to Dr. Joseph C. Salamone

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