Dr. Harry Wechsler Honoured with Herman F. Mark Technology Medal 2001.

Date: April 12th Friday
Place: LC400, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY.


Time Event
9:00 am Opening Remarks PRI Director
Professor Kalle Levon
9:10 am Welcoming Remarks
President David Chang
9:20 am "Energy Storage: What is the Future for Batteries"
Donald Schleich, Professor, University of Nantes
10:00 am "Making and Modifying Polymers Using Enzymes"
Richard Gross, Herman F. Mark Professor, Polytechnic University
10:40 am "Separation of Polymer at High Concentrations"
Iwao Teraoka, Associate Professor, Polytechnic University
11:30 am Award Presentation to Dr. Harry Wechsler
12:00 pm Lunch













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