Dr. Donald Alstadt Honoured with Herman F. Mark Technology Medal 2000.

Date: November 30, 2000
Place: Auditorium, Dibner Library, Polytechnic University

In the late forties and early fifties, no quality rubber-to-metal adhesives existed anywhere. To that end, Don Alstadt led a concerted effort within Lord Corporation to develop such an adhesive system. Through outside consultations with universities and other industries, coupled with his own internal development efforts, Don is responsible for the development and commercialization of Chemlok Adhesives in 1956. This product was later identified as a "gamma product" because of its destabilizing effect on the industry and the way it was accepted worldwide. Don's effort first led to the formation of the Lord Special Products Division, followed by Hughson Chemicals, and finally the Lord Chemical Products Division where Chemlok Adhesives are still manufactured and sold worldwide today.


Time Event
9:00 am Welcome Speech
VicePresident William McShane
9:05 am Polymer Research Institute Today and Tomorrow
Kalle Levon, Director of Polymer Research Institute
9:15 am Eli M. Pearce, University Professor, Session Chair
9:15 am "Self-Assembled Monolayers of Rigid Thiols: Structure, Properties, and Applications"
Abraham Ulman
Alstadt-Lord-Mark Chair Professor
Polytechnic University
9:45 am "Impact of Biocatalysis on Macromolecular Chemistry"
Richard A. Gross
Professor and Herman F. Mark Chair
Polytechnic University
Coffee Break
10:30 am Sheldon Atlas, Research Professor
Session Chair
10:30 am "Novel Optical Materials Derived from Marine DNA" Naoya Ogata
President, Chitose Institute of Science and Technology
Chitose, Hokkaido, Japan
11:00 am "A New Approach in Physical Mechanics of Polymer Glasses"
Victor A. Kabanov
Head, Polymer Department
Moscow State University, Russia
11:30 am "Never Give Up"
Hans Mark
Director, Defense Research and Engineering
U.S. Department of Defense
12:15 pm Medal Presentation
Kalle Levon
Sheldon Buckler (Chairman of the Board, Lord Corporation)
Hans Mark
Lunch Break










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