Joint Symposium Kyoto Institute of Technology - Polytechnic University

Date: August 17, 2001
Place: LC400, Dibner Library, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY.


Time Event
9:00 am Qui Tran-Cong-Mivata, KIT
"Controlling Phase Separation of Polymer Mixtures by Using Photochemical Reactions"
9:45 am Jordanka Zlatanova, Poly
"Single-molecule Approaches to the Study of Chromatin Fibers"
10:30 am Jelena Matic and Bruce Garetz
"Polymorph Control through Laser-Induced Nucleation"
10:50 am Dean Lee and Iwao Teraoka
"Two-Dimensional Chromatography of Monomethoxy-Terminated Polyethylene Glycol"
11:10 am Naoto Tsutsumi, KIT
"Nonlinear Optical Polymers for Photonic Applications"
11:55 am Lunch
1:10 pm Shin-Ichi Sakurai, KIT
"Structural Analyses of Block Copolymers Using Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction and Scattering"
1:55 pm Shigeru Kunugi, KIT
"Structural Transition of Water-Soluble Polymers: From Protein to Vinyl Polymers"
2:40 pm Shih-Wei Ho and Yoshi Okamoto
"Photoluminescence of Nitrogen-Containing Aromatic Polymer in Silica Glass via Sol-Gel Process"
3:00 pm Coffee break
3:15 pm Yoshiharu Kimura, KIT
"New Strategies for Structural Control of Poly(L-Lactic Acid) and Its Copolymers"
4:00 pm Sergey Kazakov, Marian Kaholek, Iwao Teraoka and Kalle Levon, Poly
"UV-Induced Gelation on Nanometer Scale Using Liposome"


Design made by Vishwan Aranha.