Polymeric Recognition of Biological Molecules II

Gene-Delivery Symposium Draws Leading Researchers and Scientists

Leading gene-delivery scientists and researchers presented their findings at Polytechnic University's second Herman F. Mark Polymer Research Institute symposium: "Gene Delivery-Polymeric Recognition of Biological Molecules." The symposium focused on the use of polymers to improve the effectiveness and safety of gene delivery.

Scientific luminaries such as Vladimir Torchilin, a Lenin Prize winner and professor at Northeastern University and Sung Wan Kim, a member of the National Academy of Science and professor at Utah University, made presentations at the symposium.

The science of gene-delivery therapy-replacing defective genes with healthy ones-has progressed slowly. However, as the scientists and researchers from the United States and Europe demonstrated at the symposium, progress is being made. Torchilin presented his findings for using immunoliposomes for efficient intracellular delivery of DNA. Sung Wan Kim explored functional and targeted polymeric gene carriers and Dr. Debabrata Banerjee of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, offered an overview of using viruses for gene therapy.

Commenting on the findings after the day-long symposium, Professor Kalle Levon, director of Polytechnic's Polymer Research Institute said, "The speakers showed promising evidence for using synthetic organic compounds with DNA for gene therapy that will one day prove to be a novel preventive-care approach for many illnesses."


Design made by Vishwan Aranha.