Seam 2004 Award

Professor Yen Wei

The 10th international meeting of the Search for ElectroActive Materials (SEAM), an academic and industrial collaboration to develop electrically conducting polymers and other futuristic materials, was held at Polytechnic University's MetroTech campus in December.

Speakers included Dr. Kalle Levon, associate dean of research and intellectual property at Polytechnic and the founder of the SEAM Consortium at Poly. Dr. Yen Wei, professor of chemistry at Drexel University, was presented the 2004 SEAM Research Award at the event.

Dr. Yen Wei with his SEAM award.

Dr. Yen Wei with his SEAM

Professor of Chemistry and Director of
The Center for Advanced Polymers and Materials Chemistry (CAPMAC)
Department of Chemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia,
 PA 19104, USA
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