8th International Meeting on Search for ElectroActive Materials
Brooklyn, New York City
Saturday, December 7th, 2002


The SEAM 2002 annual meeting contains lectures from fundamental aspects of conjugated polymers. And as before, no time schedule but a day with presentations, interruptions, discussions, arguments and a dinner.


"Electrochemical Capacitors based on Conducting Polymers"
Dr. Matt Aldissi,

“Organic and Polymer Materials for Plastic Electronics”
Dr. Zhenan Bao, Lucent Technologies

"Organic Matrix Nanocomposites in opto-electronic applications"
Dr. David Carroll, Clemson University

“Ceramic-Silicone Nano-Processing of Superconductor Wire and Other Electrical and Electronic Materials”
Dr. Anatoly Rokhvarger, Polytechnic University
“Electrochemical Approach to DNA-hybridization”
Dr. Yanziu Zhou, Polytechnic University

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Professor Kalle Levon
Director of Herman F. Mark Polymer Research Institute
Polytechnic University
Six Metrotech Center
Brooklyn, New York
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