5th International Meeting on Search for ElectroActive Materials

Polytechnic University
Brooklyn, New York City
Saturday, December 4th

Morning Session:

Photolithography with Polyaniline

Heikki Isotalo and Tapio Makela, VTT

Plastic Chip

Dago de Leeuw, Philips

Rational Designs of Conjugated Polymers
for Electroluminescence Applications
Zhonghua Peng, UMKC

Toward Meso- and Nanopatterning Conducting Polymers by Self-Assembly

Richard McCullough, CMU


Lunch and Posters

Afternoon Session:

Synthetic Polymers that Fold: A Shrink-Wrap Approach to Molecular Recognition

      Jeffrey S. Moore, UIUC

Solid State Radiation ICP Sensors
Michael Bardasch, QEL


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