Search For ElectroActive Materials IV
Saturday, December 5th, 1998

Morning Session:

Dr. BenhardWessling, Ormecom
Dispersion Shifts Polyaniline to the metallic side of the "Insulator-to-Metal
(IM)-Transition" - Crystal Structure Revealed

Prof. Sze Yang, University of Rhode Island
A Versatile Electroactive Coating Material: Polyaniline-polyelectrolyte Molecular Complexes

Prof. Richard Gregory, Clemson University
Microring all organic lasers, and the effect of structure/property relationships

Afternoon Session:

Prof. Arthur J. Epstein, Ohio State University
Polyanilines and their effectiveness in Corrosion Protection of Iron and Aluminum Alloys

Dr. LyubovChigirinskaya, Polytechnic University
Anticorrosion Properties of Polyaniline Coatings on Iron and Cold Rolled Steels in Aqueous Solutions

Dr. Frank Lux
Long-term corrosion protection by conducting polymers: State of the art, problems and prospects.


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